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The Southpoint Advantage


What makes us unique?

Personalized doctor-patient care 

See only Dr. Spano for your periodontal concerns as he treats your case from start to finish. 

Interdisciplinary care with your general dentist and/or other dental specialist(s) 

Dr. Spano works with your referring dentist and/or specialist in a time sensitive manner. Letters are sent the day of your visit to review the recommended treatment plan. Dr. Spano makes it his primary concern to available by phone and in person to work closely with your referring primary dental care provider.  


Patient follow-up 

Any surgical procedure Dr. Spano provide routine follow-up calls and appointments to confirm there you are healing and recovering well while answering any questions you may have.  


Sedation services

Allows for a comfortable experience for every procedure by offering you laughing gas (nitrous oxide), oral sedation and IV sedation. At consultation, Dr. Spano will work with you to decide the level of sedation most appropriate for your specific needs with respect to the type of treatment that is required.   


Platelet-rich fibrin therapy 

Concentrates a rich supply of platelets and growth factors from your own blood to improve and accelerate wound healing. This can be used in a variety of periodontal procedures including gum grafting, bone grafting and dental implant surgery. 


Dental cone beam imaging

Provides (3-D) images of your teeth, surrounding anatomy and bone in a single scan. This imaging can then be used with state of the art computer software technology to provide a virtual demonstration of your dental implant placement and custom made guided implant templates for minimally invasive dental implant placement. 

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